as well as providing video and text based training resources also carry out worldwide one on one training or group sessions as required. However your primary training contact should always be your MA dealer. If you wish to investigate training programs available thru us contact us here.

    MA University

    By providing comprehensive training programs, MA Lighting aims to offer its customers the best possible qualifications. This is particularly important when it comes to grandMA2 console and dot2 training, however it is equally relevant when using an MA VPU (Video Processing Unit) or setting up a network via MA-Net2/MA-Net utilising the corresponding MA hardware solutions.

    Our trainers are the best in their fields and teach with first-hand knowledge and experience. The topics are presented comprehensively and are illustrated in detail. To provide you with the best tutorial environments, the courses contain real equipment and products. The ratio of students to teachers is limited to make the process as comfortable and effective as possible. Trainings within the MA Lighting University are industry recognized, and attendees completing these successfully will receive a certificate.

    About the training program

    For a better understanding, the MA University training program is displayed above.

    The training program consists of modular units. Working through the grandMA2 Online Tutorials on our YouTube channel is highly recommended. The knowledge gained in graduation from the grandMA2 User Training is the premise for all further training. To suit your specific needs the training program offers two Advanced User Trainings with a special focus on Concert Touring/Live Event or Theatre/Musicals/TV/Film.

    Part of the MA University training program is also the MA VPU Training, for those wanting to delve into video programming with the powerful MA Video Processing Unit.

    The MA System Specialist Training covers system configurations, network layouts and topology.

    Also the MA University offers training for the dot2 consoles.

    The training program of the MA University is certified worldwide by MA Lighting, so we can guarantee continuity of knowledge independent of the training location. Please get in touch with your local MA distributor/office for training in your country.