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grandMA2 Advanced: Fixture Cloning

Alex covers the fixture cloning function found on grandMA2 and demonstrates why the "follow mode" isn't always the best for position creation

grandMA2 Advanced: Fixture Cloning2016-06-12T22:59:56+10:00

Offset timing macro

Yesterday I got a call asking how to do offset timing for parameters (so everything doesn't fade at once) Which lead me to ask a few questions and eventually got an answer. But that wasn't good enough for me and a fellow programmer. We wanted to do it via a macro and whats more we [...]

Offset timing macro2016-01-20T16:13:07+11:00

MA2 Lua Plug-in: Littlites on DMX

Here we have a simple plug-in for MA2 Version 3.1 that enables control of console Littlites via a DMX channel! (PS. Screw you red pen guy.) Download the script here. This example plug-in demonstrates the uses of a continual loop to poll (grab) a DMX channel, and use it's value to control the LittLites [...]

MA2 Lua Plug-in: Littlites on DMX2015-06-04T01:27:22+10:00

Attacking the MA2: Analog Remotes

Custom made, left-handed layout, MA2 Command Wing Arcade Executors, in an MA1 Colour Scheme ;)   MA Lighting were thinking ahead when they provided us with a port on the MA2 Command Wing and Console range that easily allows us to control functions of the software by external stimulus, namely via the “DC Remote” port [...]

Attacking the MA2: Analog Remotes2015-03-25T20:13:43+11:00

Command Line Guide – The sequence options & the store options

This is part two of the series of articles by our new writer Alex. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in our FAQ! 2.1 The sequence options Assign sequence 1 /track=on /CueZero=off= /cuezeroextract=off /releasefirststep=on /info=“text“ /track=on – here on/off is possible. This will set tracking to on or off. /cuezero=off – [...]

Command Line Guide – The sequence options & the store options2013-06-09T02:55:57+10:00