After way too many hours to count (I counted, it was 24 hours of travel) I am finally in Frankfurt where the internet is good (which is great for content) and the beer and spirits are decent!  Hurrah!

I always try to book travel dates separate to show and exhibition dates just because it is easier on my soul and brain. (For the record I am still without sleep)

Before we go any further on our journey into PLS2018 I want to first explain a few things.

  • We are here all week
  • There is a lot to see
  • Tomorrow is just a research and iphone camera day.

My aim is to get around and experience PLS bagless for the first day and then return on the second or third day to shoot interesting things. We won’t be breaking stories or bringing you anything revolutionary. Instead, we will be covering the show from our perspective and viewpoint. I always want to know what you all want to see. Is it just our regular MA coverage you seek or interviews with people or do you want a show run down on everything that is around?

We are setup ready to do the interviews off the floor already and even podcasts. Stay tuned

Please vote.


I will also have some stickers with me (as well as some rare ones from our first batch) So if you see me on the floor do say hi. I love interactions with people.


For those who don’t know me, look for the shirts. That’s my own advice 🙂