Hi Guys,
here is a short overview on Macros.

What is a Macro?
A Macro is an automated process running cmd line entries.

What could I use a Macro for?
You could use a Macro for everything, that you will have to do very often. (e.g. store a cue list for your spot positions, save the show file on the desk and the USB drive)

So, let’s start with a very simple Macro, which stores the showfile on the desk and the USB drive.

First, let´s have a look at the “handmade” way.
1. Push the button Backup
2. Select the internal hdd
3. Save Show
4. Select the USB Drive
5. Save Show
6. Leave the Backup Menu

It´s 6 hardkeys/softkeys you push at least 40 times a day – so that´ll be 240 steps minimized to 40 steps!

Now we open the Macro view, and edit a macro.

For this tutorial I choose Macro 1.

Edit Macro Screen


This screen should be on the command screen.

To add a command line entry, push the add line button. The function of the entry is described in Italian letters.

This is the add line pop up.
Type in: ChangeDest //    This will set the folder back to the root folder!
Push the please button.

Now it should look like this.
The next lines are similar, just the commands are different.
Second Line: Add Line -> SelectDrive 1 This will select the internal drive. (Similar to DOS, where A: selected the 3,5″ disk drive, C: the HDD)

Third Line: Add Line -> SaveShow This will save the show in the desk.

Fourth Line: Add Line -> SelectDrive 4 This will select the USB drive.

Fifth Line: Add Line -> SaveShow This will save the show on the USB drive.

Sixth Line: Add Line -> SelectDrive 1 This will set the focus back to the internal drive.

Now your Macro should look like this:

We will change the Wait for Line 3 and Line 5 to 3 seconds, all other Lines to 0.1 seconds.
This is necessary to give enough time to the desk to save the shows and select new drives etc.

The Macro should look like this:

Ready to rumble!

Now we assign the macro to one of the x-keys.
Assign Macro 1 at viewbutton 11.1.
Push the User 1 Key, and there will be the Macro on Button 1.

Push the button and your show is saved!

Pretty easy, aight?

Goodbye from Berlin/Germany!